Slot together Full Back Camp Table / Patio Table


Shipping to United States: $100.00

This 5 foot wide table breaks down to 6 main pieces. Assembly is a simple system of slotting the components together then holding it all in place with two keys in the back. This version features a full back and a bottom shelf.

Designed for campers, re-enactors or just for the convenience of storage when not in use.

This item is normally supplied unfinished, however, all Sawdust Woodcrafting Furniture or storage items may have stain or urethane finish applied, (or both). Each is $10.00. Please purchase these options a separate items.

Note that this is too heavy to ship for any reasonable cost, but can be picked up in Pomona, delivered to most SCA events, or for a small gas fee, delivered locally.

Please also note that this item is made to order, so ignore the '1' available.

This is also available with a short back and no bottom shelf for a little less.

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