Small Cooler Bench


The perfect cooler for all those reenactment events where the anachronisms need to be hidden.
This cooler is a sturdy bench measuring 18 1/2" wide and 13 1/2" deep. Seating height is 20"

The lid of the cooler is attached to the lid of the bench and seals perfectly when closed.

The cooler is a Coleman 3-Day Xtreme 28 quart/36 cans

This item is supplied with light or dark stain with a urethane finish, or plain unfinished ready for paint.

Note that this is too heavy to ship for any reasonable cost, but can be picked up in Pomona, delivered to most SCA events, or for a small gas fee, delivered locally.

Please also note that this item is made to order, so ignore the '1' available.

Also available custom made to fit any cooler with removable, external hinges.

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