Wooden Games and Puzzles


Wooden Box Games and Puzzles - new style for 2020

A range of wooden games and puzzles in laser cut boxes. Each game is 6 1/2" square and 2 1/2" high, with an open base with a push on lid featuring the game name.
Most games gan be removed to play

Select the game you want from the options list.
If you wish to purchase more than one different game, please drop me a message and I'll post a suitable listing for you.

Current options ...
Solitaire - Traditional peg game
Quarto - A game of strategy similar to connect 4 but interestingly different
Shut the Box - Roll the dice and flip the tiles
Pentominoes - Mathematical tile puzzle - 12 pieces to create patterns and replications
Tangrams - Ancient asian puzzle. Creae shapes. Two sets provided for competitive play
Nine Man Morris - Another traditional peg game
Fox And Geese - Peg game
Mu Torere - Peg game
Hasami Shogi - Asian peg game
Tac Tix - Peg game
Knights Puzzle - Peg game
Fore and Aft - Peg game
Concentration - Shape matching game for two players
Tower of Hanoi - Ancient game of moving 7 rings from one of three pegs to another
Cribbage - 400 year old card game
Dominoes - First seen during the Song dynasty of China

This item is made to order so ignore quantity of 1.

Some do not yet have photos - they are coming soon

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