2020 Fuckflake Naughty Snowflake


Here is a super sarcastic ornament to celebrate the horrors of 2020

Remember the year we want to forget

Commonly know as the "Fuckflake", it's a 4" ornament made from 3/16" white acrylic

( Yes, it is white even though the pic looks blue !)

It comes with a suitably narrative poem about the year we have all put up with, (written by the designer of the ornament)

Usually ready to ship within 7 days of order, often right away from stock

Also available as a 4" coaster, engraved on 1/8" Baltic birch plywood, lightly varnished with a cork back, (also supplied with the poem)

******* Just added more flake options

1/8" Baltic birch, stained light or dark
1/8" Red acrylic
1/8" Green acrylic
1/8" Blue acrylic
1/8" Clear acrylic
1/8" Orange acrylic

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