Apothecary Style Cabinet - 20 drawer


New in our line of Laser Engineered Products.

An Apothecary Style Cabinet (16" x 10" x 8" high, 400mm x 250mm x 200mm high)

20 drawers with 3 divider options, open, 2 space or 3 space. Each is 10" x 3" x 1 5/8" high, 247mm x 76mm x 43mm high)

Available with finger holes or bronze nameplate pulls with light, dark or no stain

Default is 8 deawers with 0 dividers, 6 with 1 divider and 6 with 2 dividers.
but please ask about custom divided drawers or combinations of layout

Each drawer has a nice bronze nameplate/finger pull

Also available is a 10 drawer version with double and quad sized drawers

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