Modular Game Storage for card games and small board games


New in our line of Laser Engineered Products.

The ultimate storage for your card games and small board games.

This series includes ...

Here to Slay
Unstable Unicorns
Unstable Unicorns (NSFW Version)
Ticket to Ride London
Ticket to Ride New York
Happy Little Dinosaurs

All of the modules are the same footprint and connect with other modules to form a tower.
Some modules are taller than others depending on the contents.

These modules may be glued together for a permanent, transportable, structure, but still allowing for more expansions.
Each module is a case and drawer with the game name on the front and is designed to hold all the pieces, mostly in custom trays.

We can supply plain Birch plywood or apply a stain, light, red or dark (for a small extra fee)
Note that with a dark stain, the engraving on the front is not so readable, so a light stain add-on name plate will be supplied.

Please note that the game pieces are NOT supplied with this or any other the storage modules.

We have storage for other popular games too, please message for details

and general household storage -

Also, we can supply an empty module with your requested name plate on the front.

Tech specs ...

Outside of each module is 9 3/8" wide x 5/8" deep (plus 3/8" for the drawer knobs) x 2 3/8" high
The inside of each drawer is 9 34" wide x 7 5/8" deep x 1 7/8 high

Stay tuned ...

So much more in other listings.

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