Deck Holders for Ticket to Ride Games


New in our line of Laser Engineered Products

Deck holders for board games, laser cut and assembled
Custom set for Ticket to Ride (Large card format from 1910 and 1912 expansions., etc)

Sloped for ease of view and card removal

For USA and Europe games use 2 large holders and one small holder, (Draw deck, Discard deck and tickets), or one triple holder
For Rails and Sails use 5 large holders,(Rails Draw deck, Rails Discard deck, Sails Draw deck, Sails Discard deck and tickets) or one 5 deck holder

All deck holders now fit sleeved cards, standard width is 61mm.
Also added 64mm wide trays for other games.

NEW -- Extra tall 64mm tray (88mm deck height, perfect for a full set of sleeved cards)

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Legal imprint